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Ms. Applegate, I read each and every one of your Animorphs and Everworld books (and even watched the Animorphs TV show...). They really spurred my interest in reading, and for that I can't thank you enough!

A few questions (I would love answers to all, but I'm particularly interested in the first three):

  • What was your favorite book as a child? What about right now?

  • What books would you consider essential reading for any adult?

  • Who was your favorite Animorphs character to write and why?

  • Did you base characters off of people in your life/yourself?

  • Any plans to ever revisit the Animorphs universe? (I know you mentioned there have been no attempts to convert it to film, but I think there are a lot of 20-something year olds who would be there opening day.)

Again, thanks so much for your contributions to the world of literature and for doing this AMA! It's clear you have a lot of fans here, and we really appreciate it.

wordsfilltheair2 karma

Huge fan!

Are there any musical artists you'd like to collaborate with to make a new flavor? Also, have you ever approached someone with an idea for a flavor only to be rejected?

Thanks for doing this!