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I appreciate your thoughtful answer, but what about emotional coercion? Plenty of women feel they have been manipulated into unwanted sex or unwanted types of sex that they technically consented to at the time?

You know you can't legally give your consent when you're intoxicated, but what if you're lonely and you finally meet the person you believe is right for you, but they have excessively rough or degrading sexual desires and you go along with it because of your deep need to be with someone you believe is otherwise so right for you? Emotional coercion. Watch out for that in your stories, or as you say that form of abuse could be normalized for people's real world behavior.

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Marginalized groups and power differentials are quite important now. How do you avoid differences in power within an erotic context? If there's one thing we've learned it's that consent is not a panacea to avoid abuse, especially in heterosexual encounters.