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You said you're in contact with the other girls who left but I'm wondering about why you're not in contact with the girls who are still in the group? Is it prohibited?

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Oh. That was a bit anti-climatic ((:

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What would you say is the chance for a non-korean making it as a trainee and eventually debut?

Are korean kpop fans in general actually very welcoming of foreigners debuting in an idol group?

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Choose one or all! haha

What was the weight that you had to maintain during promotions?

Would say that weight goal is similar for most if not all girl groups in promotions?

Does the industry treat girl groups and boy groups differently?

Were you able to interact & form bonds with other acts?

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I was told before that an agency was pushing a certain pairing to the public more so I want to ask coming from either your experience or things you may have heard or seen, Do agencies suggest to heavily play up fan service like pairings/ships? Do the idols themselves even pay attention to things like this?