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I think that the wage gap debate is usually debated around men and women in similar career fields. That said I am not entirely sure how one can argue for better wages as a nurse by using a totally different career as a comparison. It certainly wont convince people who would immediately dismiss it as an apples and oranges comparison.

We'd also have to look at how much a given institution makes financially and how that is distributed to its staff compared to other institutions, and also factor in the local economy and demand for a given line of work in that area.

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Will you comply with local/federal government programs that can demand user information? I have heard rumors on how the government subverts its own privacy and data collection laws by things like project prism as a legal loophole to collect citizen data, and AFAIK even companies like google and facebook comply with the government demands this way.

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"articles with fewer edits by a smaller number of ideologically homogeneous contributors were more likely to reflect editorial bias"

Jeez dont remind me how news subreddits work.