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Several years ago, I had an off-duty out of uniform cop brandish his badge and his gun dropping f-bombs as he indicated he was a cop and took a parking space from me in the Del Amo shopping mall near and around Christmas. The others in the car (not a cop car) appeared to be brother officers. If I had taken the spot, based on the reputation of the police, I am certain he would have either responded with violence and/or charged me with something as well. This was also before the advent of iPhones with video cameras and private dashboard cams etc.

How accurate was my assumption? And, am I correct in believing this kind of behavior is still pretty common in the force? (eg intimidating civilians when off-duty)

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I know some fellow Americans with outstanding student loans who live and work in Asia. How would you go after them if they are and have been for the past few or several years, out of the country?

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Since you're a 21 y.o able-bodied male making you a potential target for either conscription by either side or execution ... any thoughts of leaving for another country?

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Dr. Ruddell, have you looked at how casinos on American Indian reservations might have affected surrounding areas in terms of crime & also gambling addiction? (Also, is it correct that unlike their US counterparts, there aren't any casinos operating on Canadian Indian reservations?)