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The discovery of the Rosetta stone always intrigues me and I'm sure a lot of people find it fascinating that it provided a key to deciphering hieroglyphics. Is there any future artifact that you look forward to the discovery of that could potentially unlock another major clue in understanding the past?

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I know that was a joke but just in case someone wants an answer, my semi-educated guess would be that it is based on Classical Greek word/prefix implying "movement". Like the "kine" in "kinetic".

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It's where he wrote his razor on.

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These exact three questions?

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Speaking from experience, you would not believe how deeply US cinema and music can permeate into even the poorests places on this planet. I'm talking about dirt poor kids who wouldn't have a tv in their shanty huts (that was not hyperbole) who would know what movies Leonardo Dicaprio has starred in and can sing MJ songs but still not be able to speak English.

The US has been at the forefront of popular entertainment for over 50 years. The cultural influence of the US on the rest of the world is immense. Before they know politics, children know fun. The associations made with the US from a young age are of exciting movies and catchy songs. This makes the US a pretty cool place in the child's mind. And this is something that is almost an international phenomenon. For example, many Americans I speak to are surprised when I tell them that Australians primarily consume US movies, TV shows and music.

Anyway, end rant.