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That demo is stuck on paw patrol...

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wow, my daughter just had me make her a raisin cinnamon bread tuna sandwich this last week... you're not her real father are you?!?!?

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this had anything to do with his imprisonment/isolation

I watched a documentary some show on netflix on Bradley Manning; and he had contacted Adrian Lamo who is a well known hacker who is also bi. He was messaging him back and forth about both his connection with Wikileaks and his sexuality (Adrian turned him in). Basically in the week before he was arrested was his first full week of cross dressing. So no, I don't think it was the imprisonment/isolation "that did this to him"; he was already that way.

pretty sure it was We Steal Secrets, the story of Wikileaks; could be wrong though.

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with a surplus of lawyers, why is there a shortage of judges?

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I'd have to buy 5... this is exactly why I no longer fly anymore and literally drive cross country.