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Yeah but the one of the biggest cornerstones of our justice system is that they're innocent until proven guilty. We should focus on how to verify and keep the innocents actually innocent, then worry about the small timers that are actually guilty some other time. That is the point of our justice system yeah?

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What was it like being mixed in India? Do either of your side treat you differently than their respectively non mixed cousins? Is your father now with an Indian wife? How'd your parents even meet (I know Indian/black couples aren't the most popular interracial couple..)

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My brother and I are just some regular programmers but are interested in building an archaeological DIY device using a GPR and having AI help with it. Our family is from a country that doesn’t get much arachaeological love so we were wondering are there any steps that helped jumpstart your 3D mapping using LiDAR?

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Yeah, this thread pulled in a certain flavor of redditors in full force who are clearly pushing a "blacks deserve it" angle.

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Thanks! Enjoy the Rolex haha!