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I've got a few.

Oh, and thanks for moving Edge away from the Metro API towards the "normal" one: this'll fix several niggling issues with the browser I experienced back when I ran Windows 10.

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I don't think we have proof that bacteria once existed on Mars. It's a likely hypothesis, but there are other equally likely hypotheses that don't involve life on Mars, such as the null hypothesis.

At this point, flipping a coin would be a better way of determining whether life on Mars was a thing. Oppy didn't find anything.

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Apply permanent marker with the point of a needle onto the correct parts of the CD's downwards-facing shiny surface, and you can break the game's checks.

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Thank you for your actual interest in answering my questions: I didn't really expect an answer to #4, and it's seriously above and beyond that you want to find out for me.

I don't want to ruin the party or anything, but isn't Chromium released under the BSD license, not the GPL, (which doesn't mandate sharing the source code)? BSD is a subset of GPL, so if your fork / patched version is GPL code then we'd have to share the source code, but you are under no obligation to do that unless you're integrating GPL code into the program… and if you're doing that, you have to release the code for the whole program.

Though, thank you for this. I was initially horrified at your (well, not yours _personally, of course) decision to replace the Edge engine with Chromium's, but this has been the first Microsoft thing I've been excited by genuinely happy about since I was 12.

This is a brilliant PR stunt, but I'm happily and enthusiastically falling for it. :-p

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I don't know the question, but the answer is 42. Does this help?