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Yeah.. I was all excited about this guy for a minute but the more answers I read here it seems to me that he's just not serious.

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Dungen - dem guys.

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I don't know if this idea has any legs or not, but: at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, there's a neat little sign behind the bar that says "You're not too old. It IS too loud. Earplugs $2". It's nice to have them available for a nominal fee at the bar.

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Could you talk about your favorite therapists or therapies, and what you like about them?

I am in school right now hoping to enter the rehabilitation field. In numerous classes, we have discussed the importance of really going all-in with public advocacy - rehab professionals tend to only get politically involved when their own jobs or research funding is on the chopping block, but then bail out when it comes to advocating for access, accommodation, etc in public places for people with disabilities.

Also of importance is allowing clients to inform you what's important to them, rather than you setting all the goals and priorities as the therapist. It really bothers me when I observe PTs who seem deaf to the client's concerns, and I hope not to be like that when I eventually get licensed.

Thanks for doing this AMA, OP! Also to the other TBI sufferers who have weighed in - I am reading this thread with a great deal of interest.