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Keep your head up good sir. No questions, just wanted to say kudos to you for making this public and your fellow staff members for sticking up for you. Good on all of you!

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Here in the US one of the biggest issues is the use of racial profiling by police officers. Do you see any profiling within the police forces in the UK? Any socioeconomic or prejudicial profiling at all? (The poor, punks, goths, etc?)

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What would you like society to know about living as a quadriplegic? How has people's views of the disabled affected you? What would you change about the world around you?

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Awesome!! I just did the registration and swab kit! Mailed it out today! I read that AMA as well and immediately signed up. Hopefully more people will sign up to do this too. Thinking if only half of the people on Reddit signed up, how many lives could we save? Would be amazing!

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What was working with Linda Blair like during the Exorcist? Was is more or less difficult working with a child actress than an adult? What were her parents like during filming? Huge fan!!! Exorcist still scares the piss out of me!!!!