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I remember that I sent you a fan e-mail randomly around 2001 and you replied to me! Thanks. It was pretty cool for a young fan of your books.

I also remember that you wrote an article about censorship (I think it was the introduction to a book, can't remember the title) where you said someone called you a communist for writing "Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret." Do you still get backlash like this, or has it died down in recent years?

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Wow that's nuts...someone make this into a Lifetime movie.

When your sis sent you that FB message...did you think at all that she was just messing with you at all? Even for a second?

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Rhanks for the AMA and hugs to you, my dear! Anti-vaxxers truly scare me and it makes me happy that people are speaking out.

You are in a somewhat unique position. Have you ever considered becoming an activist doing things other than this AMA to get your story out there? (i.e. a blog, twitter feed, youtube channel, whatever)?

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I've been following this story and it honestly makes me very sad. A friend of my family was killed in Afghanistan by an IED while on a journalistic assignment. I hope Janis gets out, and soon. He sounds like quite the guy, give him my regards.

This "anonymous tip" has suspicious written all over it. Does the US legally have to keep him out until they've reviewed the case further?

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You ever been back to Ukraine (or Europe for that matter) since you left?