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That is so surreal. And I'm sure it must have seemed, logically, like one of the safest places on earth. Just astounding.

Thank you for sharing your memories. I'm grateful.

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That would be nice. I used to work for the company based in the City of Industry, but it started catering to the people I didn't like, so I abandoned ship. I hope it goes back to the roots--and takes its sister store with it!

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Don't most people make their stuff private? I checked out my profile without being logged in, and there's nothing to see.

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Maybe someday you could write the lyrics with someone who writes the instrument part of things. I have no idea what that's called. :-) But that would be awesome. Thanks for being the other cool Tara in the world, too.

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The fact that you were banned for truth-depiction made me want to read your books.