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Back in the day when Chinese restaurant owners hired people who speak their own language with cheap labor, many of these people were Chinese illegal immigrants. They don't have their own place or means of commute, so the owners had to house these workers. This sort of became the culture of Chinese restaurant business. It is still common today that everyone working in the restaurant live in the same house owned or apartment rented by the owner. Go to the back of a decent size Chinese restaurant (buffet) you will usually see a van parked there during the day, people arrive and leave the restaurant at the same time in this van.

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OH GOD! Sadly, yes! After working at some places long enough, since workers eat off of the buffet as well, you learn to spot what's left from the day before. For example, left over chicken wings are soaked in water over night, fried again the next day and brought out during busy hours to mix in with fresh ones. Re-fried wings are darker in color.

Not all of them recycle food, and those that do select those that can be easily re-cooked. The last place I worked at doesn't save anything at all, it's owned by a family who isn't so greedy like many other owners.

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Not racist at all! I am. They don't usually hire non-Chinese mainly because of language barrier. As you can see they communicate in their native tongue and commonly they are not fluent in English. Secondly, they don't want to hire someone who might report them to the authorities for the things these places typically do (eg. false reporting revenue). And yes, I do speak Chinese.

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All of the above! They talk a lot shit about the customers.

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oh! Forgot one other disgusting practice. When the owner decides to do this they are seriously the greediest bastards in the business. In restaurants that recycle food, they often keep the meat, grind it up and make them stuffing for another item. Here's the nasty bit, some of these places pick out meat from the plates after the tubs are carried into the kitchen. I've never worked at a place that do that, but heard the story from a co-worker who had. I've since been avoiding anything stuffed at Chinese restaurants.