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I have BPD and I've been doing DBT for 3 years. We are taught the bio-social theory that states research shows that it is a combination of genetics and nurture, but you can still develop BPD with just one or the other. Do you not believe this to be true?

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I looked for the UK gov disinformation site and found the SHARE checklist for coronavirus.


Is that what you're on about or is there another one as well? I love that they're doing this.

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I have BPD and I do Dialectical Behavior Therapy. My disorder has been a major drag on all my previous partners. In fact, them not knowing how to deal with it would, unknowingly to all, enable many of my behaviors.

I'm married now and I do therapy and my husband has a relationship coach specified to my disorder. So I learn skills to treat my behaviours and mood dysregulation and he learns skills to help him approach situations where I'm having behavioral difficulties. He learns how to deal with it and simultaneously not let it affect his own mental health.

I don't know if that's any help but it might be worth looking into a coach or therapist that is complimentary to the treatment your wife gets. I believe they do a lot with families who are willing to be that involved.