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Subscription model, on an app that controls your one and only match that you have to wait sometime until it decides that you don't match... errr, okay, that requires a huge amount of trust on the end-user's side and let's face it, social/dating apps aren't known for their honesty, and once you get a good match (god knows when that will happen) you unsubscribe?

For us reddit scrubs, this sounds like it could be a good service/app... but an investor is gonna drill this out straight away and even if you do sell it, no investor is gonna wanna loose out on the opportunity of selling user data.

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Hi, thank you for doing this AMA. I have 2 questions...

I have never considered trying to encourage a lucid dream (if that's the right term) but one time during a dream I realised that what was happening couldn't be real because it was physically impossible, I some how realised I was dreaming and was to some extent, control what was happening.. is this common?

I watched a documentary on how the brain can't really handle all the information it's receiving and it filters out what we don't really need to concentrate on.. the information goes through the subconscious and is filtered out later when we dream.. thats why situations, people and objects are familiar but still vague.. to your knowledge is this true?

Thanks again

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Interesting. Thank you