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You guys have made the most influential music in my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve been to all of your concerts in LA since 2005, and had the honor of catching roses at a couple different shows (you guys should bring that back!) I even got a picture with Amy after the show at the mayan theater in 2012!

I have a lot of questions! First, I remember reading somewhere that Torq thought that “In our bedroom after the war” was his least favorite of your albums. It’s probably my favorite and I was hoping to hear why you feel that it isn’t as strong as the others.

On that note, I really want to know what Amy is singing at around minute 1:40 of The Beginning after the End. Been bugging me for years!!

On “No One is Lost:” The album is fantastic, took me about three listens to absolutely fall in love with it.

I love that the cover seems to be taken at moonlight rollerway in Glendale, where I had an awkward 12 year old birthday party. Makes the album that much more personal. Did you guys visit there at all? Who took the picture?

What are the spoken word samples No One Is Lost from? Finally, where do you get your badass clothes Torq?

Can you please please please please play Window Bird when you come to LA at The Fonda?

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I still have mine too!!

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Maybe I'm dumb but the line "captured a taxi despite all the rain" never made any sense to me. Wouldn't you be more likely to grab a taxi if it's raining?

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grew up in la, unfortunately, where grabbing a taxi from the street rarely happens :) thanks for the answer!