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the only thing you CAN do is a basic income. Housing prices go up when millionaires want 5 homes, so tax them and return it to the people. Tax high enough, and they'll sell their spare homes, driving prices down again.

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meanwhile, GDP is at 1.7 trillion, and taxes on billionaires are sub-40%

big brains here guys. Not sure I understand your incredibly big brains but you've determined we can't house and feed our people so lets just give up and let the robots squeeze the life out of us

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imagine having to read through 10 pages of legalese every morning to decide whether or not tariffs should be lowered on bottled water

yeah no thanks

willtheoct3 karma

because no one else but you has a problem with it edit: this guys a propaganda bot or something

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do you think C-273 is going to get us a basic income this year? or in 2025 or later?

as I understand, CRB expires/becomes unsupportable this month so if none of the job posters call me back it'll be too late anyway. 2020 would have been the perfect year to implement this forever, but in the coming months and years a lot more people are going to lose their jobs, and C-273 doesn't seem like it will be giving us funds any time soon. Thanks for your efforts, though.