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Are you?

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This is so true. I studied photography during school years, me and some friends did a project where we'd start up a small company with help from our school, to get a taste of how it works. Needless to say we didn't have as much fun as we thought we would. We had clients, but it was miserable work we had to do, and it really put me off.

Though those who overcome that obstacle and stay dedicated are sure to succeed, but probably not, because the competition is tremendous, and it's something most people can do.

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I've tried to find a good background page on this dude but can't find any info if he's actually studied or not. Just that he uses evidence-based therapy programs

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Awesome thanks for the response. I also game a lot to relax and clear my head AND have an education that makes me eligble to be a counselor so you're literally living my dream