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I disagree. For old money, 'class' is very important and with that comes politeness and restraint, learned from a young age. New money varies wildly, and depends a lot on the culture they were brought up in. There are plenty of self-made men (or their direct children) who are frankly ostentatious a*holes, and there are also great examples of humanity like the Unsinkable Molly Brown. My own experience has been that the average old money person is more polite/refined than the average new money person.

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I'm as pro-net neutrality as the next redditor, but I heard on NPR that Verizon's move would have been legal even when the FCC protected net neutrality. What's the truth?

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Where are you going after? I have a friend who did USAF funerals at Arlington until recently and he got to choose his next assignment. He chose to do cyber warfare.

Are you tall and/or good looking? My friend is, I imagine it helped

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You're right that a majority of economists oppose rent control, but it's unlikely to be in the 98%+ range of climate scientists that agree on climate change. Plus, rent control advocates have some merit or at least good intentions in their cause, while climate change deniers don't. Rent control advocates do not deserve the same level of contempt as climate change deniers