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..I see what you did there...

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A family heirloom was featured on ARS back around 1998. Charlottesville, the presentation Colt. I can’t find the video anywhere and the copy we had on YT was taken down. Are these old episodes available online anywhere?

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Ok so a whole nuther day to go after Tommy. That must have been an epic slog.

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Guitar is a Telecaster Mexico with custom Lind Fralin pickups.

Amp 1 is a circa 1965 Arbiter Power 100 4 channel 100 watt beast. These were general purpose PA amps that predated Sound City and HIWATT versions, sharing a lot of circuit design with the Pete Townsend 4 channel custom amps. It sits on an Avatar cab with 2x12 Tonkers.

Amp 2 is a circa 1984 HIWATT Biacrown era 50 watt with the OL overdrive-lead circuit. Current speaker is a cheap Fender replacement and I have an early ‘70s FANE speaker for it that needs reconed.

I think you can see the pedals.

My thought was to have several chains of pedals feeding the Arbiter’s 4 inputs, use the separate volume controls on the Arbiter to control/blend those tones, and then have the HIWATT with a single short chain for a crunch WHO sound. Also if I add guitars then each guitar to its own input on the Arbiter.

Lots to work with, probably too much for a noob like me who has more money than skill.

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If I send you a list of my gear could you recommend how to best chain what I have and what pedal you make would fit in and complement my rig? I’ve acquired some good stuff over the years but haven’t played in a decade, now that the kids are off to college I can set up a music study room.