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You mobilized a response from Hunton & Williams, Palantir et al with close ties to the DOJ that was normally reserved for countries and companies: You were targeted and an offer to discredit your reputation was made to representatives of The Bank of America.

Do you see this type of assault on individual journalists as ongoing? Do you have any recourse that might dissuade similar methods of targeting investigative journalism?

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I would like to know how Mr. Lopez could be sure at the time of the rescue that the drowning swimmer had not been at his beach and was swept down along with the southern moving current?

Mr. Lopez could not be certain at the time of the rescue that the drowning man was NOT his responsibility prior to the realization of a drowning man. I can not think of a public policy argument that favors the presumption that your employer would not be responsible the moment an imperiled swimmer was swept past an arbitrary boundary.

Stick to your guns...a vague territorial based policy will not be found to be the critical thing here: Lifeguards need the discretion to make decisions on the ground in the way Mr. Lopez performed. Thanks

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Asinine protocol aside... I would like to say thanks to you for choosing YOUR rule book to play from. I'm sure every one here on Reddit hopes that the minor employment set back will only open up better things for you and the Janko Brothers in the near future.

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I read the reporting from Local 10. Zoard Janko never left his post, but was asked if he would have saved a person in an unprotected zone, and when he answered yes he was fired. Szilard Janko quit after you were fired for leaving your area during the rescue. And more lifeguards quit in solidarity. The former vice mayor who supported their bid now seems against further contracts with them. What would you like to see happen to Jeff Ellis Associates contract with the city?

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Szilard! Thanks for taking he time to answer these questions though I am certain you will be inundated with questions for the next few days. Good Luck (and get some sleep!).