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Well said. ID theft protection only limits the options of the theft made, not disabling it.

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Entrapment:a defense that claims the defendant would not have broken the law if not tricked into doing it by law enforcement officials. Most sites like these have ad's all over, selling and buying accounts out in the open, many had cartoons/advertisement. Isn't a advertisement a form of trying to promote a product? "tricking" someone?

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Ill google/wikipedia that save you some typing :P.

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What then do you see considered as entrapment? Maybe a example ? ninja edit: In your old lifestyle I meant for the example.

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I have a serious question, I saw you said you didn't smoke or do "hard drugs", so I had a two part question my first one was did you/have you done weed ?

The second one is depending on your answer to that question. I would ask that if you have tried it before, do you feel now, with all this going on that smoking would make it easier ? The pain, the whole overall thought process?