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Whenever you watch a show with a made up language, do you find yourself listening to see if it's an actual linguistic system or gibberish? Do you get annoyed when it turns out to be gibberish?

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I took an invented languages course during my ling BA where we actually made a class conlang. Most of the class weren't ling majors at all, totally a lower level course. Imho it was a perfect way for beginners to learn about linguistics, since we had to talk about different linguistic ideas while conlanging. By the end of the course, we had a comically chaotic conlang but everyone had a good grasp of not only the Linguistics that goes into conlanging, but linguistics in general. 10/10

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How does it feel when one of the shows you've worked on end? Now that nobody will speak it on air, does it feel a little like language death?

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That's true, I hadn't thought of it that way! I started watching the 100 as I started my BA in Linguistics, and will finish it while starting my MA in Applied Linguistics. Trig was the thing that really roped me in and is by far my favorite part of the entire show. Love hearing it, and beaking down what I pick up to my family. Thanks for the great work and thanks to the writers for keeping it coming!

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Did you have any feelings about the way the 100 went, with Trigedasleng playing a much less pivotal role in Season 6 (and presumably Season 7)?