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Soka: "It's so dark here I can't see a thing"

Toph: "Oh no, what a nightmare!"

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And you, and most of Chinese are okay with that?

I will not beat around the bush, whatever the cause (CIA, propaganda, conspiracy, etc) your own countrymen, or rather human beings were being mass murdered at that times. You are okay with "not speaking such things" situation for the sake of stability/not causing chaos?

No malice/offense intended really, just curious. Let's hope this gets an answer.

Edit: whoops the (orchestrated? Not even OP) responses are among the finest examples of whataboutism. Too bad I'm not American. Speaking about American Iraq War and Mass Shooting, you see those topics are actively being debated, as opposed to "American don't speak of such things".

I can relate with the argument that people being blasé because the atrocities did not directly affect them, but the way I see it, it is more like, nuh-uh it never happened, even if it did, it's not that severe, even it's severe CCP has done more services leading China development.

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Ookla is one terrifying cat.

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a drink

Lol, the dude has just got a liver transplant.

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Wait wait, so no beef, no chicken/poultry, no fish? Whoa man..