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I took a patient by ambulance to the hospital once... he was a long time dialysis patient having some complications. He needed the ride and a meetup with a doctor, but wasn't completely immobile or anything.

I remember filling out the paperwork in the little EMS office, getting ready to put the ambulance back in service, but deciding I should pee first. Walked to the ER bathroom - our patient is standing there about to go in. "Hey buddy! Nurses treating you well? Go first, I'll be fine waiting a few more minutes!" He replied - "Son, I haven't urinated in over 8 years. You go ahead in front of me."

I remember at that moment just being mind blown about exactly what it must be like. I've spent time in dialysis centers, I've talked to people going through dialysis, and recovering from transplants. But it didn't hit me until just then how crazy it must be to live with non-functioning kidneys.

/u/Johkim739, take care of yourself. I wish you peace and happiness and hope you can hold onto hope! My question for you - What moment in your life, looking back, brought you the most joy?

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Have you considered working on a play while you are waiting on your transplant? I understand that you are really limited from doing many normal things like holding a job or going to college, but you might have a new set of experiences that it might be cathartic to work into story.

I have a friend who was dealt a significant blow a few years ago. She really struggled with it for a while, but one of the ways she ended up coming to peace was creating a ballet related to the event. They actually performed last Friday in Bakersfield, CA. (Nearby?)

Again - Best of luck in finding a kidney and in finding peace and happiness.

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The kidneys function basically as filters... or toxin removers for the body. So fluid management is kind of a side effect and a... vector?... for toxin management. If he balanced his water input and output simply through sweat and respiration and drinking, he would still face the trouble of toxins accumulating. :(

For a healthy person, drinking lots of water helps to allow your kidneys to do a better job. Dehydration makes you feel bad, in part because there is stuff your body wants to get rid of but cant. Too much water can also be bad, you flush out certain things that you wanted to keep, but it is much more difficult to over-hydrate than to under.