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I worked at multiple McDonalds in the US (same region) for four + years, was a shift manager. I still have some old friends that work there still. The folded were never and are not in plastic wrap to this day so not sure if its a regional thing but they havent changed around me in 20+ years.

Working at a few made me realize that it was a lot cleaner than people give it credit for. The main one I worked at and the four other locations the owner also owned were good. Even regionally I have never found a "dirty" kitchen. They were up to par with cleaning at least the ones around me.

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Thanks for being so kind to my wounded warrior buddies and I on set in OCT. Was truly one of the best experiences I have had.

Michael you admit your not a tech person, has POI influenced you to be more technical or less with all the surveillance issues that the show and real life NSA scandal have brought to life ?

ps. Did you end up ever watching the outtakes from season 2 that we discussed where it has you screaming at the truck driver for honking ? Lol

Thanks for doing this !!!

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My .02 cents.

I joined after 9/11 and heard some people say this in Basic/Advanced Training in around 2004. Why in the world would you join when the country is fighting two wars (I'm only counting Iraq/Afgha but then expand on Africa, Bosnia and other places) and not think there was a chance of deployment. And then why would join the Army ? Why not choose something that may have a less chance of deploying like the Coast Guard/Navy/AF (I'm not saying anything against them, I served overseas with a Joint Task Force of AF/Navy) who had a lesser chance of deploying or shorter deployment cycles (Army was up to 18 months at a time).

I think its a little hard to believe that people never considered that deployment may be an option when signing up post 9/11 in the active duty Army.

If they were Reserve/National Guard, I can see that as an excuse but not a very good one as they deploy all the time now.

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My experience is similar to ArmyMedic2005 - and it depends on the area. In the North East near Khanaquin where its mostly Kurds, we walked around in soft caps and people loved us. There was no American presences in that area any more, as they took care of themselves. In Baghdad there is a sections that are Christians and dress more Western, on the outskirts where I was actually based out of, there is pockets of people that like Americans and show it, or there is ones that downright despise Americans and show it with their body language.

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Ask to see his DD-214 for awards and achievements or lackfhereof.

If he was in the National Guard then he is ok with the Army Veteran plate. National Guard/Reserve go through the exact same training- they just get to go home instead of a duty station between deployments/training exercises

FYI: Special Forces do have units in the National Guard - I served with them in Iraq.