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I wish more and more countries would adopt this approach instead going hard just to collect few more votes.

And that you said "the facilities was too nice" that reminded me of a nice comic posted few weeks ago; https://i.imgur.com/94D6FTQ.png about Norway. A bit early, but still, have a nice Christmas.

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Thanks for posting for me, apparently the first sentence must end with a question mark, after removing first part my post appeared/approved.

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no question, but you guys do some good games, keep up the good work. :)

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What did you achieve with these protests so far?

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While you probably do not have any sympathy for the convicted felons, do you empathize with them?

This is may be the most frequent question to COs doing AMAs are asked, but do you think there are innocent people locked up behind bars?

What do you think about Oz, a prison drama? Are there any Abedisi's located there?