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Do you have your bum insured? And what do you feed it?

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I’m so sorry, I feel for you. Something that helps me sometimes is telling yourself they can’t hurt you anymore. In the present moment you are safe and in control of your own life. I highly recommend “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle.

I realize this may seem like a twig to hold onto while drowning, but hope it can help.

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I was there in Greenville, SC at the Peace Center when a guy yelled in the middle of the show, "DON'T RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND, YOU MIGHT LOSE IT!"

It was very weird, no one knew if it was a legitimate threat or if the guy was trying to make a terrible joke about the spotlight. I believe your response was, "Um... What??"

You handled it very well and then turned it into a light hearted, uplifting moment. But I've never been so embarrassed for my city.

I then saw your opening act RUN to his bus after the show. Sorry on behalf of Greenville, we're not all like that.