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Actually Tolkien has a foreword for Fellowship specifically stating he intended no use of allegory and that he thought it was a lame tool for authors to use.

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I’m sorry that all the comments are focusing on the gender thing.

Was this the only question asked? I’d be curious about correlation of things like whether the attendee was on their own or with a group, whether their group was co-ed , etc.

Did you get more info on their specific experiences? If so, what were the most common types of harassment?

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What do I need to know if I turn 26 next year and will be moving off my parents' insurance?

Do I lose coverage on my birthday? Do I need to be signed up for coverage in advance? If so, do I need to do that by this deadline?

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Thanks for the info! I've been nervously putting finding out this info for a while.

Are there other options beyond those listed on the website that'll be worth looking into, assuming I can afford it? Or is this website more or less the resource to go to?