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Have you thought about joining the UFC or MMA? See how you go against them?

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What kinds of new space technology are you most excited about, either stuff that's been made, or stuff that is in the works?

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I am leading a team. What kinds of things should I be on the look out in my team members to identify if they are starting to lose it?

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My girlfriend doesn't speak English natively, she is quite good but you can tell she isn't a native speaker. What kinds of tips and tricks can you offer to help her get over the hump towards mastery of the language?

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I'm looking to make a game with a guy who's in another country. What is the best way to handle the business side of things? Are we able to create a business across country boundaries? what if one of us is the business and the other contracts to the business? how would be the best way to structure things so it's an even 50-50 split between us? How should taxes be handled? I am in Canada and he is in South Africa. (But I assume these kinds of problems can exist for any two developed countries)