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I hope this doesn't get overlooked, but I've been wanting to do an AMA as a sperm donor conceived 22F. My biological father's major was philosophy and I almost had a heart attack seeing the words "philosophy" jump out from the page on the donor info.

Our pages look very similar(my father's birth year is 1971 as well.. ) but alas, we're not siblings. The bank my mother used was Zygen Laboratory of California, though I'm from Florida. Was this yours as well?

I'm waiting to do a 23 and me when I make something of myself after I graduate college. I know from donor sibling registry, I have at least a few half-siblings.

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing, and I know we may have had the same struggles growing up we've become proud of :)

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Linguistic misunderstanding here: "CCB" is an acronym for California CyroBank. "Live-births" are reported offspring from the donor.

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This really warmed my heart!! Thank you for your replies! I find it so fascinating our biological fathers shared a philosophy area of study. It makes me think they considered all the ethics involved and decided it was ultimately a utilitarian endeavor to donate.

I saw on donor sibling registry my father's profile was updated: he was Christian and became agnostic, which is interesting.

I hope to come to terms with accepting I'm not 100% established in my life yet, and I really want to make him proud, because I give him credit for how I turned out. I actually can argue both sides of the nature vs. nurture debate now! Another factor of holding out on a 23 and me is I would be incredibly sad if we began talking and were unable to meet due to finaces, school, work, etc.. He possibly lives in Los Angeles, California where he attended college to my knowledge, and I'm located in Florida.

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What's wrong with this?

As a girl, I've read and enjoyed many PUA books. They've actually changed my life and the way I socialize with others; men and women alike. I'm more empathetic, kind, I have more confidence, and I'm able to carry a conversation with anyone about anything and make it sound like the coolest thing in the world. All the books I've read have taught me to be a more positive person overall, because we enjoy being around others that make us feel good.

Approaching girls is fucking hard, and there's a science to it. For some guys, they have an amazing personality and are too shy to approach a girl and just freeze, some guys say "you're beautiful" and expect to get laid afterward, some guys don't quite make the leap and find the right moment to escalate kino(for example: kiss or wrapping your arms around her after hours of time spent together when the situation calls for it), and some guys just don't know where to begin and have been sheltered their whole lives for various reasons. Many of these guys didn't have a male role model or a father figure growing up. Many of these dudes didn't fit in and were called "losers" in highschool because all they did was play D&D. If they're reading these books, they want to make a positive change and have probably started going out, exercising more, and are eating healthier, dropping bad habits and getting into a socially-savvy sense of fashion chicks(generally)dig. They've thrown out the hot pockets, ditched the Cheeto-stained World of WarCraft tee, and started somewhere.

We all crave human interaction, desire to be physically touched, loved and accepted. Intimacy is very important, and it's part of our human Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs needed for self-actualization. The desire for this drives each one of us to improve in all areas of life - we all want to find a mate to share various life's experiences with.

I'm unsure if you realize this, but those who are in the park are trying to improve themselves. They are NOT out to rape or physically attack girls. If you were a vigilante preventing physical violence and rapes happening in the park, I would applaud you, sir; however, it seems as if you are motivated by jealousy due what these men are attaining?

Some guys take a "nice guy" or violent route, and it isn't what pickup teaches you. It's also designed for rehabilitation of those thought-processes and actions. These books teach you how to talk to and approach any human being, including girls, with a level of teasing, playful kindness and respect. They push you to be successful, and finding a partner follows. They teach you to be comfortable in your own body and skin, they teach you to be the best version of you that you can be, said by one of the most famous "pickup artists", Erik Von Markovik who wrote The Mystery Method.

I encourage you to pick up a few of these books, because you would probably be pleasantly surprised to read opposing views in order to understand where they are coming from and see that other people aren't what they may seem. I understand we all judge others; it's essentially the Achilles' heel of humans. There are so many topics I had cut myself off from and was glad I opened up to. There is definitely knowledge in these kinds of books for both men and women, and I'm here for any questions.

And keep writing, my friend.