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I hope this doesn't get overlooked, but I've been wanting to do an AMA as a sperm donor conceived 22F. My biological father's major was philosophy and I almost had a heart attack seeing the words "philosophy" jump out from the page on the donor info.

Our pages look very similar(my father's birth year is 1971 as well.. ) but alas, we're not siblings. The bank my mother used was Zygen Laboratory of California, though I'm from Florida. Was this yours as well?

I'm waiting to do a 23 and me when I make something of myself after I graduate college. I know from donor sibling registry, I have at least a few half-siblings.

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing, and I know we may have had the same struggles growing up we've become proud of :)

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Linguistic misunderstanding here: "CCB" is an acronym for California CyroBank. "Live-births" are reported offspring from the donor.

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This really warmed my heart!! Thank you for your replies! I find it so fascinating our biological fathers shared a philosophy area of study. It makes me think they considered all the ethics involved and decided it was ultimately a utilitarian endeavor to donate.

I saw on donor sibling registry my father's profile was updated: he was Christian and became agnostic, which is interesting.

I hope to come to terms with accepting I'm not 100% established in my life yet, and I really want to make him proud, because I give him credit for how I turned out. I actually can argue both sides of the nature vs. nurture debate now! Another factor of holding out on a 23 and me is I would be incredibly sad if we began talking and were unable to meet due to finaces, school, work, etc.. He possibly lives in Los Angeles, California where he attended college to my knowledge, and I'm located in Florida.