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I was a huge fan of the original Boy Meets World. I think this one is aimed at a different audience. A lot of the new shows coming out like Girl Meets World seemed to be less of a family show and more of a kid's show.

The great thing about Boy Meets World was that everyone could get some enjoyment out of the jokes and gags. Nowadays it seems like shows in that vein are aimed more towards the younger set. Characters are dumber and the gags are sillier and more unbelievable.

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What are the long term consequences of having chemicals like vinyl chloride escape out into the environment like in Ohio?

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It was such a good show. I was very sad when it only lasted a season.

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I just wish it was aimed more towards a general audience instead of squarely at kids.

wheresmysnack7 karma

What are some measures that can be put into place to better protect communities from chemical releases of this sort in the future?