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It seems like gay men tend to link their sexual identity (liking men) and fetishes/sub culture (bear, jock, etc.) with their self identity, to the point where it’s outwardly expressed and not necessarily staying in the bedroom. Did your research extend into that?

I’m super curious to know how this subdivision of ga men based on physical and sexual preferences is affecting gay men.

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Very ignorant and personal question here, but I’ve always wondered (trans or otherwise) what happens when you reach the point of climax? You can’t physically release, is there still a sensation of it or does the feeling continue beyond the point where you’d normally be “done”?

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Any advice or someone that’s interested but doesn’t even own any pedals yet?

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What’s the craziest story you have from your experience, even by Renaissance Festival standards?

Edit: specificity

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Me again, because... curious. I have a MTF trans friend so I suppose I could ask her.

Did you have them place testicular implants or is that not a thing?