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How much arm/hand control do you have if any? Also how have you dealt with weight gain?

My father is also a quadriplegic he went over the handle bars while mountain biking and basically crushed his neck into non existence. He has some movement control in his right arm, enough to raise it with a fork contraption and get some food (if he can manage the angle of the fork correctly) to his mouth. The growing issue is weight though. His diet isn't bad,but even eating 1800 ish calories a day he still puts it on slowly but surely.

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The airlines KO'ed many of your chairs?

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sweet jesus

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They offered half now with possibly more later but that wasn't good enough.

considering the original goal was closer to 20-30 bil, the argument can and should be made that asking for 5.7 was a pretty big change for the Trump administration. While I would say that my party is more wrong than the Democrats, they are hardly without sin in this shutdown.