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Hello. What is at the top of your wish list, as a professional wildlife photographer? Any species or places, that you haven't been able to shoot, in particular? And, just one more question, what are the most difficult or laboursome images that you have taken so far? Thanks!

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Hi. If this kind of strategy (overabusing the internet resources to influence people) is being used by all the different political parties and groups in an exhaustive way, don't you think that these opposite groups (left and right wing parties) may, somehow, neutralize the efficiency of such strategy, and eventually just give voice (and amplify them) to those that already share their own views and values? From my perspective, it seems that no politician/political party/ideological or religious group is likely to keep its conduct within the desirable boundaries regarding this topic...

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Hi! If you had to choose a single measure to tackle this wildlife traffic problem, which one would you choose? Law enforcement? Environmental education? Cultural perception changes? Sustainable wildlife management? I know all (and other) options are important, but which one do you think it would be more effective? Since we live in a resource-limited world (financially, human resources, knowledge, etc), it would be great to identify the most effective strategies. Thanks a lot in advance!

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Do people spend most part of their time in a relaxed and contemplative state while wingsuit BASE jumping , or do their minds need to be exclusively (or quasi-exclusively) focused on maneuvering their bodies properly in order to avoid accidents? Thanks in advance!

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What are the animals found in the area where you work, that you are most careful, in order to avoid getting harmed (sting, bite, etc)? Which animals are the most unpredictable in their behavior? Thanks!