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Yes. When people get great news, we get excited with them. It's an unbelievable moment. But I'm a TV producer, I also really enjoy it when people get totally devastated. But the problem is people don't get devastated enough. That's the evil producer in me.

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Absolute yes. We have nut jobs at every show. My favorite nut job of all-time was the lady in Spokane who accused me of taking her ruby necklace, and replacing it with a costume ruby necklace. She was convinced. She was the Queen of nut jobs.

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Mainly through social media but we did all get together last summer for the 20th anniversary of the show airing. I was able to see people I hadn't seen in twenty years and meet ZOOMers I had never met before. We're all one big ZOOM family and I love them all.

It was a different experience for everyone but it was similar at the same time for anybody that was on the show. So, there's that connection and bond.

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It's Fargo. We're releasing the schedule today btw! We have a guest that falls down when he hears the news. In 20 years of producing the show, I've never seen something like that. It's a first! Unprecedented.