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wewereonabreeeaaak10 karma

Hi, I’m sorry if this is not the moment or place to share this.

My dad killed himself last year. My brother (39M) and I (29F) knew he was really sad, and had tried to convince him to get therapy or any kind of medical help. He was in an emotionally abusive marriage and had been withstanding some 15 years of emotional manipulation and abuse, but would not leave his wife under any circumstances. They lived in a small town in another country, away from friends or family.

My question is: what else could my brother and I have done? Besides talking to him. I can’t help but feeling guilty about his death. It kills me to admit that at one point my dad was so negative that we just said “ok it’s his responsibility to be where he is and who he is with, he’s an adult and we should not take responsibility for this”. Should we have taken that responsibility? Should we have physically dragged him back to his hometown and away from his wife? I’m always questioning if our dad’s suicide was fueled by our faulty support.

Thanks for your time.