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First off, I commend you for posting this. This takes a lot especially after you were publicly lambasted for offering your thoughts in a open discussion in a classroom. Shame on the professors for being so soft.

Did you ever sue?

Edit: Oof. Seeing some of these past posts definitely make this a little awkward since this obviously was not one of the first times... this comment may age poorly.

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Lol this blew up last time I guess. I’m all for an open dialogue but then seeing articles like this make me cringe...

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Glad you didn't go with the second lawyers. Clearly they were worried about the money in their pocket and wanted to campaign your story around the US.

Even more glad your lawyers were interested in your well-being. Granted, it is evident that this may never be something you get over as your image was tarnished (sorry for being so blunt).

Can I ask what your families thoughts are on all of this? Did they stand by you? Did it strain your relationship with them if you had one before?

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I'm sorry to hear that. That is unfortunate and never easy.

I find it really interesting, because of course everyone's initial response is "thoughts and prayers" and "shooter should have just killed themselves". However, you bring up what I think about a lot and that is, how do we prevent this from happening?

It is not guns that are making this happen. It is the people often within the schools. Now I am not saying that EVERYONE in school is the reason these individuals do this. Some definitely are influenced by outside sources. But most of the time it seems that every interview post-school shooting results in kids saying "they were quiet" or "nobody talked to them". Yet, rumblings come out over time that the person was viciously bullied or forced to be an outcast. I think more people need to be held responsible. Not just the shooter. I'm sure some of the people in the past were truly struggling, and they ultimately believed they had no other option.

Now I am definitely NOT condoning any of this. But it is sad/disgusting to see some people get pushed to this limit.

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Yup. I’m eating my words now. Unfortunate because the dialogue was at first interesting but once more shit got brought to light it became repulsive. I’m all for satire but a lot of the past posts are cringe.