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no, they can do anything but Hochdeutsch. It's their actual fucking state slogan.

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-Can you elaborate what measures you are taking to avoid using FCS and how these attempts compare.

-Can you estimate when fat cells will enter the picture?

-What do you expectfrom hardcore vegan consumers? How many vegans will actually eat this stuff?

-Will it be possible to actually grow bigger pieces with natural consistency but unnatural shapes ? like 1 kg cube shaped beef...

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I tend to forget that Australia is a huge place with a diverse set of climates

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How was the winter for you in general, as an Australian ?

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Conscription is the norm in many countries.

In many old world countries, the whole total war thing is not just some theoretical thing that could happen but something that happened at some point.

So if you need to mobilize every able bodied male even 6 months training a couple of years ago will make it easier to get them up to speed if need be and this is like a shit hits the fan situation.

Some countries have reserve systems, where people who are civilians go in periodically to train, like once or twice a year.

And for the conscripts themselves, it is usually either great fun playing war and getting drunk all the time or maybe they might even learn some responsibility and discipline and not being a whiny bitch. Also, often, it's their first time away from mommy and as such could be seen as a rite of passage of some sort.