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wellanticipated5 karma

Hey! I saw your app a year or so ago and thought it was a really great idea. I live in the Mission and assumed eventually I would start to see people walking around with these things, but I've never seen any. Is that coming? Is this a proof of concept or an actual product/mission? FWIW, we moved here from BK as well and have never quite had the same issue of chicken bones strewn in front of the bodega... here it's more that she pees near/on syringes. Either way, your effort should no doubt help our collective quality of life and all of our furbabies.

wellanticipated3 karma

First of all, congrats and good on you for successful realization of this vision.

Coincidentally, I just learned of your sauce yesterday on a shelf a WF here in SF. The moment I saw carrot, I put it back. Not for any good reason, I looked at the next and saw cucumber and did the same thing. I was super curious about it, but those two ingredients threw me off, for nothing other than gut reaction -- admittedly not a fair or reasonable reaction.

Considering I have the opportunity to ask now, can you convince me to buy it?

wellanticipated2 karma

Shoot to kill policies in South Africa create an immediate reaction and what seems like an immediate solution.

What is your take on the demographic of the average poacher who has been incentivized by a poaching black market and the inability to stop this without solving real socio-economic problems?