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It would be amazing if netflix picket it up. I think it would be a great fit for them.

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Not OP, but when my father was told he was going to have to go on dialysis (he's since had a transplant), I immediately went out and got him an iPad. I downloaded any card game I thought he would like and then spent time showing him how to use the iPad and play the games. He eventually settled on playing Spades and doing Sudokus--the entire time he was there, every time. He said it was great and that he was the only one in his center who had one. The nurses thought it was great as well. Highly recommend it if the resources are available.

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What's the closest D&D has ever come to really going mainstream? Like, was it ever a possibility that we would see televised games? I always sort of wonder why poker on TV caught on and not other things.