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Holy shit, I also have this but never knew that there was a name or condition to it! Whenever I look at the blue sky while on a plane I see thounsands of white things moving about very fast kinda like worms or bacteria. Floaters are an everyday ocurrance to me and I've just basically learned to live with it.

The most anoying thing is the static field all over, it's impossible for me to look at a white surface without getting fucking annoyed by it or the floaters. Other then that I mostly forget about it he whole day ....mostly....

I've also been tested for glaucoma multiple times, those tests are the worst thing ever, since I have high eye preassure, but never been diagnosed with it (it's mostly african american people and I'm caucasian).

Man, it's fucking great knowing I'm not the only one suffering from this! Thanks for doing this AMA!

How could I even begin to bring this up to my oftalmologist? It's so wierd talking about it and trying to describe it without being seen as having some time of sick condition or something.

Oh and the sudden migraines are also the worst! I've had them maybe thrice in my whole life, once during a class in college and the other times where just sitting down. Blurry vision, seeing colored lines and the freaking headache!