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As everyone's favorite character in the trilogy, Samwise would probably be awful at Riff Trax. "Gee, Mr Corbett, why would you have to go and say a thing like that? You know they're only trying their best"

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should have expected it... trains entering tunnels are very erotic imagery

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I'm obviously not OP, and have no history in government or military. However, the conditions for nuclear war are pretty clear, and there is worldwide intelligence that escalates and de-escalates us through preparedness scenarios. So there is a difference bewtween Bay of Pigs, and an order coming, and our current global political landscape, and an order coming. I'd be more worried if there was increasing knowledge of NK ramping up missile launches and anti-US posturing, or Trump flat out defying Putin and a war of words beginning in Moscow.

That said, there can be very little time to launch a nuclear retaliation, and questioning orders from those that we citizens felt safe to elect, wouldn't fit with our national defense strategy.