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What regions is it accredited in?

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Speaking of the Popcorn Chicken, when it first came out it tasted just like the bone in chicken. Now the meats tastes like a sponge. Why is that?

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Really? " I have a cousin who lives in Lansing, Michigan, who is a very good man, and respects people based on their character not their color."

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About your up coming movie how was Zoe Kravitz to work with?

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So I found this: Typically, a psychometrician has an advanced graduate degree from a university, usually either from an Educational Measurement program or from a Quantitative Psychology program. However, there is no certification or licensure process that a person has to complete in order to become a psychometrician. Instead, a person working in any area of testing may simply choose to call himself or herself a psychometrician. Is this true?