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Has the USA been the world's biggest dictator lately? It

Hey... it's WHATABOUTISM... you're learning from Fox! Congrats!! (How about having some standards of your own?)

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It's upsetting that people think of him as a dictator, but he is not

So you're saying his election was free and fair, and the result accurate? Really?

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I'm impressed that a NYT journalist broke this story. It's rare for large news organisations to do such ground-breaking research into this kind of issue. More often journalists piggy back on other tech writers who have actually done the original graft, but present it as if they've 'uncovered' it themselves. So kudos for your hard work.

Can you tell us what gave you the original insight that prompted your research?

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Lot of questions there. May I take the first and last?

Disappointing that you avoided the more difficult & interesting ones.

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Why avoid these more challenging questions? The point of an AMA is to be open and honest, not a propagandist.