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Attorney here. Id definitely not look down; Id be quite impressed honestly. If Kim K passes the bar, I’ll be impressed with her too. No shade.

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Im a vegetarian. Ive visited several ranches out of curiosity, and it really changed my perspective. Granted, these were small dairy and cattle farms, between 200-500 heads. Ranch hands knew most cows by name. They were clean, well fed, and had ample lands to graze. I have zero issues with that, and thought if I ever decide to eat meat again, I wouldnt mind it if it were one of their cows, because I know they led their best possible life before becoming dinner.

However, Ive also seen huge operations, or small operations where employees are poorly trained and undersupervised, where cattle are restricted movement and killed in pretty horrendous fashion within eyeshot of the rest of the herd and I cant deal. Irresponsible jerks that use terrible milking practices, treating cows with mastitis with tons of antibiotics rather than fixing the source issues, hitting the cows.. just no. Not knowing the life the cow led really hampers my enjoyment of a hamburger.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, no, not everyone hates ranchers. In fact, even vegetarians like myself respect and appreciate what you do. I hope you find more appreciation as time goes by.

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What a wonderful story!!!!!! Thank you for sharing it, made me smile from the inside out. Congrats on the job and I hope things keep getting better and better for you.

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I had to log in just to upvote you. I'm going through severe withdrawal since I recently discovered Dresden Files on a Reddit thread and listened to all of the Audiobooks in what felt like one sitting (probably took like a month).

I can't believe I have to wait an entire year to listen to one now. Even seeing his name in your comment gave me a flicker of joy.

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God yes. This is so on point even though it's phrased as a question. I've worked in government on the healthcare side and the challenges regarding administration costs are monumental. Just like education, where it's hard to figure out why there's so many administrators to so few actual service providers.

I've considered going back to school to try to understand the problem better and try to figure out better solutions for my little corner of the world, but then I run into the previous commenter's problem: I dont want to invest 60k of my own money on trying to figure out our administration's healthcare nightmare. I'll keep on winging it instead which means better answers take longer in coming and sometimes easy fixes are completely overlooked.