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Be careful of the groupon effect. Had a friend with a restaurant that went under because they promoted gift cards during a slow period, which lead to nice influx of cash, at first. The next few months were mostly people redeeming the gift cards. That severely impacted cash flow and caused them to go under.

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Not OP and take this comment with grain of salt. The FDA requires dairy products labeled yogurt to have live cultures and the strains are listed on the label. Milk is pasteurized to destroy pathogens and then inoculated with live cultures to create yogurt. They’re not required to list quantity of bacteria, so my understanding is that most commercial yogurt is like fortified cereal; they contain just enough active cultures to meet the yogurt classification. I remember reading a comparison between brands like Lifeway Kefir and commercial yogurts. Kefir had considerably more active strains by volume than yogurt. Like fortified cereal, you’re getting some benefit, but you’re better off supplementing with other fermented products that contain more active strains by volume and more variety of strains.

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Can I add Yellowstone super volcano to the list? And what qualifies as a super-volcano anyway?

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What happened?

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With Lifeway kefir specifically, I have opened the cap slightly and left it on the counter for a couple of hours to “age”. It definitely wakes it up, but I really need to learn how to make it at home.