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Yes! Ruger who was rescued from the Blackfeet reservation here in Montana, and who lost his sight during training, was on his first deployment in Zambia. An overloaded bus came to the checkpoint-- the kind of bus that in the past they would have just waved through without searching because it would have taken so long. With all the people watching, Ruger searched the bus in about 4 minutes, and he found a single primer-cap. It's like the cap to an old cap-gun, but nowadays they're used to poach elephants with illegal homemade muzzleloaders. All the passengers on the bus were watching and they couldn't believe it-- Ruger is now famous and poachers know that they are not safe when he's on duty!

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Message delivered, with scratches, treats and love!!

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Good one! Unfortunately, the dogs just detect whatever we train them to (Ivory, rhino horn, guns, ammunition, or the scat of threatened or endangered species). it's up to the people to make the conservation happen!

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Yes! We've created a web community (rescues2therescue.org) to do exactly that. Our hope is that more conservation organizations will join, and then we'll expand to search and rescue, police departments, military, etc...

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No positions actively open right now, but we're growing, so we will be hiring again in the not-too-distant future. We'll announce it on FB and Twitter and our web page: WD4C.org https://www.facebook.com/WorkingDogsForConservation @WD4C