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Hey guys! Congratulation on the successful landing of the rover. I've never been so excited about anything science related as I was during the live stream of the landing. I almost shed a tear. I have a few questions regarding the rover and some future plans.

1) Could you give clarification on the computer hardware and OS used on the rover? What kind of computing power are we looking at? What are the sizes of the Camera sensors and their resolution? what frame rate can the the cameras capture video?

2) Assuming the helicopter probe is a success, what kind of plans does NASA have for the current helicopter probe and future probes? Would it be possible for NASA to build a Perseverance sized flight-based rover to be created that could traverse large areas of the Planet, while being powered by the same power sources as Perseverance?

3) What kind of Organic Compounds is the Rover looking for that would point towards the past existance of life? would that be something the current rover be able to look at? Or would the samples it collect have to be transported back to Earth for that kind of analysis to happen?

4) What kinds of analysis can be done with the main camera system on the surface of mars? What kind of things can it detect? How well does it operate under low light conditions? what is the focal length of the camera? does it only take colour images, or can it take other kinds of images?

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